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King Abdulaziz Award for Quality
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Was created King Abdulaziz Award for Quality under the approval of the High precious No. 7 / b / 18670 and the date of 11/27/1420 AH , which aims to raise the level of quality, efficiency and productivity in various sectors in the Kingdom , and is given to sectors that achieve the highest quality.
Oversees the prize draw its higher committee chaired by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Standards , Metrology and Quality and the membership of His Excellency the Governor of the deputy and secretary-general of the Year Award and a number of Their Excellencies and agents concerned ministries such as Trade and Industry , and the Ministry of Education , Ministry of Health in addition to HE Secretary General of the Council of Saudi Chambers and His Excellency the President of the Saudi National Committee for Quality and representatives of the private sector in the areas of services and industry.

As has been the formation of a public committee for the award of specialists in the quality of the various parties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .
Objectives of the Award :
* Raise awareness of the quality and importance of the application.
* Stimulate the private and public sectors to adopt the principles and foundations of the overall quality and applied at the national level .
* Work to raise the level of quality in the industrial and service sectors to become globally competitive .
* Upgrading administrative leadership in facilities to achieve the objectives of the overall quality and fulfill its responsibilities .
* Stimulate and activate the continuous development and improvement of the performance of all processes of production and services .
* Urged facilities to comply with the specifications and standards of national and international .
* Honoring the best establishments with outstanding performance and verify that the highest levels of quality.
* Increase the effectiveness of post facilities in the building and community service.
* Focus on gaining permanent loyalty and strong relationships with customers , employees, suppliers and investors to apply the best systems to identify and meet their needs and expectations.
* The establishment of a database for the King Abdul Aziz Award for Quality .
* The adoption of strategic planning for the quality of the design and development of plans and goals and means to achieve them .
* Training and development of national human resources and providing appropriate conditions for work and increase efficiency and technical capabilities and operation in the field of quality .
* Take advantage of all available national resources to improve operational performance and economic enterprise level and then at the national level .
* Practice of measuring levels of performance in different business ( self-assessment ) and compared the levels of competition and enterprise performance measurement improvement in results over time
* Definition experiences Arabia 's leading quality and the opportunity to take advantage of them .
* Increase the number of specialists in the field of quality of residents , technicians and experts .
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