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Word Of The Governor

In line with the vision of the High Commissioner for the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz ( may Allah protect him ) to promote the process of comprehensive and sustainable development in our Kingdom , and keep abreast of developments and changes taking place in the contemporary world at all levels of national , regional and international , seeks Saudi Standards , Metrology and Quality to provide the best services to beneficiaries and maintain the health and safety of the consumer, and work to develop and modernize the Saudi standards and technical regulations on an ongoing basis to protect national markets from counterfeit and shoddy goods and fake and supporting the national economy .
We look forward (God willing ) to see the body in the next phase further development steps for laboratories and Sedha technical and upgrading activities quality , measurement and calibration , with expansion packs standards and technical regulations , to cover the maximum amount of goods and products in order to achieve consumer safety , and reduce the phenomenon of commercial fraud .
It also seeks the body strives to strengthen cooperation and coordination with relevant government agencies and different sectors benefiting from the activities of standardization , quality and calibration , and mutual recognition as well as working to keep up with scientific and technical development of the areas of standardization of various service and comprehensive and balanced development , including contributing to ( eventually ) in achieving the vision of the RTA to be an organ of reference excellence in the field of specifications and standards and quality at the national , regional and international access to the goals set in its mission to protect consumers and maintain public health and safety and environmental protection , and to ensure that the public interest through the issuance of standard specifications and activating quality systems , measurement and calibration and application.
On the basis of the faith of Saudi Standards , Metrology and Quality of the importance of communicating with the consumer for the betterment of its services emphasize welcome any suggestions or observations contribute to improving the services provided by the evolution of the work environment in line with the development process of the blessed , and responds to the requirements of economic mobility booming in this important period of history of our kingdom generous and that leads her Monarch ( may Allah protect him ) .
D . Saad bin Osman bronchial